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US-2012295641-A1: Wireless communication device, information processing device, communication system, and location determination method patent, US-2012298867-A1: Infrared frame detector patent, US-2012305062-A1: Solar cell patent, US-2012315176-A1: Rotary cylinder device patent, US-2012320930-A1: Mac address table collection in distributed switching systems patent, US-2012321739-A1: Soft mold and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2012327825-A1: Signal splitting carrier aggregation receiver architecture patent, US-2013052018-A1: Rotor assembly for a turbomachine patent, US-2013058167-A1: Semiconductor device using charge pump circuit patent, US-2013069828-A1: Location based determination to perform a ranging procedure patent, US-2013070753-A1: Consistent updates for packet classification devices patent, US-2013083314-A1: Combined measurement of neutron fluence with temperature and/or pressure patent, US-2013093969-A1: Smart photochromic chiral nematic liquid crystal window patent, US-2013107830-A1: CHANNEL SELECTION RULES FOR SUB-1-GHz BASIC SERVICE SETS patent, US-2013118429-A1: Motorcycle having a compact internal combustion engine patent, US-2013119807-A1: Rotating electric machine rotor patent, US-2013122198-A1: Process for forming a protective coating on the surface of a metal part patent, US-2013144303-A1: Method and apparatus for orthopedic fixation patent, US-2013161861-A1: Process for preparing polysaccharide fibers from aqueous alkali metal hydroxide solution patent, US-2013177595-A1: Nano-vehicle derived from tumor tissue, and cancer vaccine using same patent, US-2013186365-A1: Piston, cylinder and engine with crown precision cooling patent, US-2013219613-A1: Funnel shaped shower shield and kiddie shower patent, US-2013219675-A1: Fastener Stringer and Slide Fastener patent, US-2013238083-A1: Systems and methods for aneurysm treatment and vessel occlusion patent, US-2013244413-A1: Method for Fabricating a Semiconductor Device Having a Saddle Fin Transistor patent, US-2013248572-A1: Console box with sliding floor patent, US-2013257178-A1: Method And System For Disconnecting A Generator From A Power System patent, US-2013263416-A1: Tooth positioners, method and apparatus f0r making the same, and method of positioning teeth using the same patent, US-2013270257-A1: Exhaust sensor heater circuit for non-calibrated replacement in existing applications patent, US-2013275559-A1: Methods, systems, and apparatus for fragmented file sharing patent, US-2013280872-A1: Semiconductor device including work function adjusting element, and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2013309091-A1: Oil supply system for a propeller turbine engine patent, US-2013311216-A1: Product sustainability evaluation patent, US-2013312844-A1: Compact air stop valve for aircraft galley plumbing system patent, US-2013316429-A1: Anti-apoptosis or anti-necrosis induction method patent, US-2013333011-A1: Software pin entry patent, US-2014002494-A1: Orientation aware application demonstration interface patent, US-2014007618-A1: Integrated Handcuff Key Bracelet patent, US-2014007673-A1: Leakage detection device using siphon principle patent, US-2014012726-A1: System and method that facilitates transactions between physical gold holdings and commercial payment systems patent, US-2014014404-A1: Ball Grid Array (BGA) And Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Via Pattern To Reduce Differential Mode Crosstalk Between Transmit And Receive Differential Signal Pairs patent, US-2014038011-A1: Molten-salt electrolyte battery device patent, US-2014042066-A1: Channel unit for liquid chromatograph patent, US-2014047547-A1: Stealth network attack monitoring patent, US-2014048458-A1: Microparticle sorting method and microchip for sorting microparticles patent, US-2014057348-A1: Novel Culture System for Ex Vivo Development patent, US-2014057725-A1: Updating virtual worlds based on interactions between real-world items patent, US-2014074979-A1: Web based smart sensor network tracking and monitoring system patent, US-2014092917-A1: Channel hopping scheme for update of data for multiple services across multiple channels patent, US-2014100676-A1: Dynamically reusable classes patent, US-2014113417-A1: Cross-coupling of gate conductor line and active region in semiconductor devices patent, US-2014115313-A1: Electronic device and start-up method thereof patent, US-2014125027-A1: Vehicles, Systems For Vehicles, And Methods For Vehicles All To Improve Cornering Capability patent, US-2014126809-A1: Image processing apparatus capable of determining color amount, image processing method, and program patent, US-2014139007-A1: Method and arrangement for designing drilling plan patent, US-2014145949-A1: Instruction input device and method using eye movement patent, US-2014153721-A1: Apparatus and method for embedding searchable information, encryption, transmission, storage and retrieval patent, US-2014173632-A1: Typed Access of Business Object Data Structures patent, US-2014176230-A1: High-Voltage Tolerant Biasing Arrangement Using Low-Voltage Devices patent, US-2014181187-A1: Scalable content delivery network request handling mechanism to support a request processing layer patent, US-2014185545-A1: Method for Configuring a User Equipment patent, US-2014208413-A1: System and method for an endpoint hardware assisted network firewall in a security environment patent, US-2014215295-A1: Three-dimensional image displaying system and method patent, US-2014225142-A1: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-2014233447-A1: Method and device for maneuvering talk groups to a new channel patent, US-2014236224-A1: Detachable sealing plug with safety release mechanism and methods patent, US-2014237809-A1: Method and device for producing a solar panel using a carrier patent, US-2014240890-A1: Animal defense system and method of use patent, US-2014245581-A1: Low inductance capacitor assembly patent, US-2014250106-A1: Generating Search Results Containing State Links to Applications patent, US-2014276077-A1: Attachable adaptor with cavity for ultrasound device patent, US-2014277272-A1: Stimulation System and Method for Voice Lift patent, US-2014277756-A1: Hvac controller having integrated comfort window display patent, US-2014280851-A1: Complex system function status diagnosis and presentation patent, US-2014282909-A1: Authentication for relay deployment patent, US-2014303690-A2: Anti-sleep glasses patent, US-2014317376-A1: Digital Processor Having Instruction Set with Complex Angle Function patent, US-2014319230-A1: Antenna module patent, US-2014321689-A1: Electronic device having multi-directional adjustable speaker patent, US-2014341008-A1: Testing device and testing method for testing performance parameter of disc player patent, US-2014346735-A1: Spinning Ball Game Apparatus and Game Play patent, US-2014346859-A1: Battery emulator and methods of use patent, US-2014350350-A1: Medical image processing apparatus and medical image processing method patent, US-2015001663-A1: Cmos image sensor patent, US-2015007583-A1: Temperature adjustment apparatus and method of controlling peltier element patent, US-2015016270-A1: System monitoring and management patent, US-2015022449-A1: Algorithms, software and an interaction system that support the operation of an on the fly mouse patent, US-2015031957-A1: Resistance Feedback Laryngoscope patent, US-2015034833-A1: Method for controlling a photodetector by automatically detecting incident radiation patent, US-2015035677-A1: Bed Monitor Sensor Device patent, US-2015046742-A1: Data processing system patent, US-2015073296-A1: Apparatus and methods for matching of tinnitus patent, US-2015077321-A1: Auto-stereoscopic display device and drive method patent, US-2015077761-A1: Coordinate measuring apparatus patent, US-2010106143-A1: Apparatus, method and control program for ophthalmological, in particular, refractive laser surgery patent, US-2010129481-A1: Apparatus for manufacturing floor mat using double conveyor system patent, US-2010132892-A1: Method and apparatus for manufacturing an endovascular graft section patent, US-2010156730-A1: Automobile glass antenna and automobile window glass sheet patent, US-2010173682-A1: All-in-one headset, handset, and power source patent, US-2010181134-A1: Four wheel drive vehicle patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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